Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Essie Hot Commodity

I found out about this one thanks to a savvy seller on eBay who listed it as something like, "the cousin to Starry Starry Night." I'm not too sure about that. In the fact that it's a jelly polish with glitter in it made by Essie, sure. But then all of them are now aren't they?

Regardless, it's a lovely color. A nice dark red, it made me think of sangria. I at first thought it had silver glitter (it must have been the remnants of the SSN on the brain) but it's not. It's actually a pinkish, sort of almost a raspberry color.

It goes on pretty well. I'm not sure how old this polish actually is, I'm not gonna lie to you. What I got seemed like it's starting to get on the thick side so I'll probably add some thinner to it next time I use it. As it is, it was opaque in two coats.

The only real issue with I have is that while yes, it's a beautiful vampy red, you almost never see the glitter in it. It's another one of those that you really have to stop and pay attention to before you see it. Maybe it should have been silver. lol


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