Saturday, May 4, 2013

Update: Wet N Wild Blue Jitters

This one was odd. I only had a few chips and most of them happened the very last day I wore it. But woo baby were they some chips.

That happened the second day out so I was not off to a good start. It chipped a little on the side the first day and then I'm thinking cuticle oil helped loosen the whole thing. At least it was easy to fix. Which I did and moved on.

Strangely, nothing else happened for almost the whole week after that one. I was really expecting it to be a lot worse. And then on the last day all hell broke loose, but since it was the last day who cared.

And even more strangely, it was my left hand that exploded. My right, which is my dominant, was totally fine. Weird.

That red on the left ring is me messing around with my first Ninja Polish order. I bought Divinity. It's really nice and I can't wait until I have some nails so I can play with it.


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