Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wet N Wild Sprinkled With Love

Also known as POLLILOPS!

Dana found these at Walgreens several weeks ago and it just took them so long to show up in my neck of the woods that she went ahead and grabbed them for me so I didn't miss out. They're very cute, all named after baking somehow. The reason they're pollilops is because they're actually displayed that way--as lollipops. The bottle shape matches and everything.

Don't you just love how my cat used it as a chew toy?

One of my nieces or nephew, I disremember which, misheard lollipops as pollilops and it stuck. Forever.

They're in the display upside down like that. Though I guess technically it isn't upside down. But it is. I have this thing, see. It's one of my very few OCD things. My polish bottles must be stored upright. Not cluttered laying around in a box or something, I want them standing up. Mostly because I don't want the polish sitting all up around and in the lid. But also because it looks nicer, okay. So these things are a conundrum. I have to store them upside down to have them upright. *twitch*

Anyhoo, as far as the polish itself, it's a very light blue foil metallic sorta with tiny blue, pink, and yellow glitter. It's also a color shift, because it goes to an almost pastel purple to a lovely baby pink. Which I am apparently incapable of capturing on camera.

And then here's me trying to catch the color shift.

As far as application, the biggest problem was the brush. Because the labels are waving around like flags and also because I refuse to remove them because that's where all the identification for the polish is, having them floating around while painting was fun. I may have to tape 'em down the next time. This is three coats:  One thin, two globbed, three thin to smooth. They're probably meant to be over another color and look even more adorable, too. Dry time was decent. Not great, but not obscene.


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