Wednesday, May 22, 2013

OPI Bond...James Bond

Our first magnetic. I know right? I did one ages and ages ago, I think before we started the blog, and I freely admit it was a hot mess. Not that the magnet part didn't work or that it looked bad but I didn't wait long enough to top coat so it just smeared it all up.

This one was much easier. I think I got it to about 98%. And possibly broke the magnet. Is it even possible to break a magnet? I didn't think it was but lol I'm not sure what happened.

First off, if you haven't ever used a magnet or have tried and just can't get it right, read a tutorial. Or watch a video tutorial, I know they're out there. I went with Scrangie's, immensely helpful.

Bond...James Bond is of course from the Skyfall collection. It's a gold with gold micro glitter that I have already found out is horrific to remove. Monstrous glitter bomb. Anyhow, in various different lighting:

Personally I think I did an excellent job. Just not perfect. Like I said, 98%. I had 97%...

Smudged the tip. Which just can't be fixed that easily. I was totally going to live with this and then yeah, no. I just kept staring at it in a Grumpy Cat fashion.

Pretty sure my nail wasn't in there crooked. This was the second attempt and when I started googling to see if it was possible to break a magnet lol. I thought perhaps that the polish I got on it from the first try was blocking it somehow, though I did clean it off before trying again. Perhaps not well enough. So.

And this is where I'm staying. Not as great as the others but I really can live with this one. How the heck did I get through nine nails without a hitch but the last one was so challenging?


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