Sunday, May 26, 2013

Update: OPI Bond...James Bond

Mostly uneventful. One thing I did notice was that it left rough tips. You know how when you wear glitter or now the texture kinds, where if you don't smooth your tips before the polish dries you feel your nails catching on things and being extra scratchy? This was nowhere near as bad as either of those but for some reason it did happen. I thought the first time I broke a nail but then there were like three others that did the same thing. So smooth your tips before drying with this one.

Some small bits of tip wear, one massive chip, and a lovely paper cut right on my darn cuticle were the end result. That chip happened the fourth day out and got progressively larger over two days. Like I said, the bad thing about magnetics is there's no quick chip fixes.

I mentioned in my first post that this is a gold micro glitter mess to remove so I do recommend using foils.


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