Sunday, May 19, 2013

Update: Wet N Wild Sprinkled With Love

I'm sitting here trying to decide how to start this post, thinking and picking glitter off my nails about five hours after I removed this polish. LOL We'll get to that part later though.

First though, let's just say we made it the week with hardly any issues. Technically. Because halfway through I got a wild hair and decided to matte it. I finally caved and bought the whole set of the chunky holo top coat polishes from Kleancolor and their Madly Matte was included. Dana and I got on the subject of matte polishes and the thought just wouldn't leave my head. Wonder what this one would look like matted?

Here's the before pic, just for posterity. This one was three days into the week.

Not bad at all. There's some tip wear but up to this point there were no chips or cracks or anything. All was fine. This one is matted.

There is....just barely a difference. The shine on the glitter in this one is apparently very reluctant to not be there lol. Here's one, in flash and indoor light, showing them side by side.

Pointer and ring are normal, middle and pinky are matte. Only a subtle difference really. Interesting, but subtle. About ten minutes after I finished was when the fun started.

The matte top coat softened up the polish to where this started to happen. All of the edges were curling up. Is that Matte Madly a speed dry, too? Because that's certainly how it behaved. Any time I forget and use SV to shine up or help fix a mid-week mani I get the same effect.

This one is the next day:

Natural light
See all the edges? And they were rough to the touch, too, so it was two days of trying really hard not to pick at them.

And then here's how we ended up:

Nice and blurry because I really just wanted it off at this point. Still no chipping, so that's a positive.

Now to go back and revisit the glitter issue, the problem isn't that this is a glitter bomb. It didn't get all over the place because I'm not picking it off of my fingers, hands, face, feet, or cat. I'm only picking it off of my nails. It really just refused to be removed. Maybe it was the matte, but I really had to pick and scrub at this to get any of it off and am still going at it hours later. At least it was a pretty polish!


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