Friday, May 24, 2013

This is What Happens When I am Trying to do Something Serious in This House

I'm not going to apologize -- again -- for being neglectful of the blog. I mentioned having a lot of things on my plate, and one of the biggest is about a week from going public, so I've been a little frazzled. Also my nails have not been painted in anything resembling a real manicure since I removed the Red Ticket Item, as I've been super-busy testing out a bunch of different polishes I'm making in my sun room-slash-Frankenlab. The good news is, these polishes seem to have some staying power. The bad news is, I can't show them to you. Yet.

This blog is about life, cats, and our search for great nail polish. This post is about at least two of those three things. To wit:

Back at Christmas, I got a new kitten. When my husband chose it, knowing how much I love orange tabbies, we thought it was a girl. I named her Sunshine Butterscotch Noel. Imagine our surprise when she rolled over in her sleep one day and had sprouted a fairly prominent set of...fuzzy nuggets. My beautiful baby girl turned out to be a beautiful and incredibly rambunctious baby boy. One who refuses to learn any manners, which seems to be typical of most adolescent boys, no matter the species. Sunshine became Sunny. He likes to jump onto tables, climb where he's not supposed to, get in the middle of things that have nothing to do with him...and he loves to be the center of attention.

So. Today I set up a makeshift photo box (it's actually my t-shirt folding machine) on the sun room table so I could grab some photos for the DLC shop. (Hey! Look at you getting a sneak peek at an upcoming color!)

 Enter Sunny.

And this, my friends, is why I never get anything serious done around this house.

Speaking of photos of my beloved beautiful boy, I entered him into a photo contest on Facebook. If he wins, he gets to be a cover boy for Coffeegrams Coffee, and I'll win a bag of coffee (which...yay, I don't even drink the stuff...I just want Sunny on the bag!). If you are so inclined, please click here and "like" the picture. Each "like" is a vote for my boy! Thank you!!

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  1. Nothing like a little help you don't need or asked for! This reminds me more of a toddler than a teenager...Lol ;) The color of your new polish looks loverly. Have a great day.