Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wet N Wild Blue Jitters

This polish has been a lemming for me for a few months now. Dana showed me a swatch online and I fell in love. And yes, I'm sure it's because it resembles SSN. At least, it did in that swatch.

I've had it on my eBay saved searches list since, just waiting for someone to list one. Finally happened, I jumped right on it. $3 for a lemming, you can't beat that. Unfortunately, it does not at all look like that swatch.

As soon as I got the bottle I knew something was wrong. It's purple. There's no blue in it at all. The swatch I saw I believe was this one, or possibly this one. Or yanno what, maybe this one. But here's the thing and this, friends, is where doing further research is important. A google image search only confuses the situation. Some look like blue with silver or possibly blue micro glitter. Others look like what I got, which is purple with a purple micro glitter.


Super blurry by accident but included anyhow to really show off that purple glitter, see.


Now see? Sometimes it does look blue. It is not blue. At all. Why is it called Blue Jitters? It's purple. I don't know if it's a lighting thing with the way some of the other swatches out there make it look blue? Is it a batch thing where some are different colors? Did they make a second version of it? I just don't get it.

This is only two coats. It dries so fast that it became a bit streaky so two coats were necessary. And here's another interesting thing, it dries almost matte:

First two without SV, last two with. It's a top coat eater, I had to put another coat on later to shine it up and smooth it out more because it dries a bit gritty, too. So because I used SV twice, I got some lovely shrinkage in those previous two pics.

For anyone wondering, yes my nails got even shorter. I had another few accidents so they came off all the way to the nub. No helping it. That's one of the reasons I went with this color, thinking it's not going to chip as much.

I gotta say I'm disappointed though. I really wasn't expecting a purple polish. It's Blue Jitters! Ah well.


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  1. Yeah, this is kind of a big fat disappointment :(