Tuesday, April 9, 2013

L.A. Girl Sparkle Ruby

If I've ever used an LA Girl polish before I don't remember it. It's my bias against cheap polish, see. This new display was in Rite-Aid, and it's holographic, so I couldn't resist. I do like the holos.

These really...aren't, though. They look sort of promising, especially the silver one, but the rest sort of just look like holo glitter was added, not a true holo. I'm guessing they went for the scattered and not linear (and also cheap) version.

Pre-cleanup, too. Go me! I'm not saying they aren't pretty polishes, not at all. I really adore this one, it's a great color. It reminds me of one of the Zoya Ornates or that picturepolish whose name escapes me at the moment (Monroe?). It goes on VERY well, too.

I've had it on for two days already and I gotta say I haven't seen one glint of holographicness in it. It just looks like red glitter to me most of the time. These pics were taken after my second chip repair (I had a bit of an accident and didn't get a chance to pic the originals)--it chips. A lot. And look at the tip wear already. Bleah.


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