Saturday, April 20, 2013

Okay, here's the situation. I sent my nails on a week's vacation.

They didn't leave the keys to the brand new Porsche though. I wish.

I decided to copy off of Dana and go without polish for the week, give them a break, treat 'em with some conditioners and stuff. I'd also been meaning to post this all week and because I'm apparently very lazy and forgetful, yep, it's just now getting done.

Before I rested them up though I tried to get some pics of that last manicure showing the holo during the removal, like I promised. And of course it was not working out for me because I was actually trying.

Before removal

See some of the holo there, below the visible nail? The flash made it hide.

Bit better

And then a bit more better
Yeah, it wasn't that easy. I repainted and let dry several times, even letting it go a whole day before I removed it and it just wasn't working in my favor. Of course.

As for the vacation, I did it mostly because yeah, I was copying but I also had a few nail issues of my own. I knew two of them were going to break and they didn't let me down. Then I got all the way to Friday and broke two more at work. So, yep, I cut 'em all off. No nails at all right now. Yay! -_-


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