Sunday, April 14, 2013

Update: L.A. Girl Sparkle Ruby

Yay belated sunlight shot!

There's like no holo to that, see? I weren't kidding. Very pretty but definitely not holo. I think one of the reasons is that the lacquer covers it too heavily. Maybe there isn't enough in there.

Anyhow, results.

Not that bad really. Another one of those that starts out pretty terrible but manages somehow to shape up and last.

It removes easily, no glitter bits all over the place and it didn't stain my nails one whit like most reds do. Pretty impressed with that. And strangely, during removal, I managed to swipe off that initial layer of lacquer and it seemed like all that holo was hiding underneath. It's not really a nice holo, necessarily. It looked like a glitter top coat but still, it is there. I was in a hurry to remove so no pic, but I'll grab one soon and post it (here).


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