Wednesday, April 3, 2013

OPI What Wizardry Is This?

My first time wearing a texture polish. As a general rule, if a polish isn't smooth it tends to irritate me to no end and I have to either fix it or remove it. I end up just playing with it endlessly. Especially when it makes the tips of the nails jagged somehow. This is one of those polishes that should absolutely get on my last freakin' nerve. It is all of the above.

It goes on like a dream though, absolutely wonderful. One coat would have been enough but I of course threw another one on to deepen the color. It was much better that way. The dry time is...challenging. Dry to the touch really almost immediately. It's very fast. However, it takes a long LONG time to dry completely. Two hours later I was still able to gouge chunks out. The up side to that is, because it's a texture, fixing it was no problem. You can't even tell.


Sun with flash

Indoor with flash

It's interesting. I think. I'm honestly not too sure about it at this point. I *am* playing with it ceaselessly, especially because the tips of the nails aren't smooth. I'm gonna hafta find a way to fix that if I decide to wear a sand polish again. It was also very strange not to topcoat, I felt like I was forgetting something. Especially after that last polish that chipped all over which I suspect was because I didn't use a top coat. I guess we'll see.


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