Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some Swatching Comparisons

First up, some brown glitters. I've noticed in our stats that one of the search terms we get hits with is "Cirque French Roast Dupe." That was the first polish I posted here but I have no idea why the dupe. Well today I'm going to solve that.

My last polish was mostly bought because I liked the pictures of it that were posted when other bloggers put a top coat on it. It really reminded me of Cirque's French Roast, which is a color I absolutely heart. Not a coffee person, per se, but I'm very drawn to that polish. OPI's What Wizardry Is This? seemed similar to me so I thought a comparison was in order. I also threw in TonyMoly's Mars (GT03) from the Galaxy collection, just for fun.

First, let's have a (bad) one without names. See what you think.

Something is similar there, right? And one of those kids is doing their own thing. I was so not expecting it to be this way...

I I put the Mars in there for fun, I tell you! I had no idea it was so close. It may not be an exact dupe but it's pretty freakin' close! You also use less for full coverage. The Cirque is three coats, Mars is two. What Wizardry Is This? just isn't even close. Boy was I off.

Next. I finally got my first ULTA beauty club thingy reward and used it the other day. I don't really buy too much there unless there's a sale, their prices are way too rich for my blood. But I'll take free. I picked up a bottle of ULTA brand polish called Boogie Nights. A) That's one of my favorite movies for reasons that I find difficult to explain. It's so bad it's good, mostly. B) It reminds me of Butter LONDON's Tart with A Heart, which was one of the first colors of that brand I ever bought (purchased with The Black Knight, and yes, that's why).

Not too close, no. The bL needs many many coats to be opaque, the ULTA did it in two. They're similar but while the one is great on its own, the other would be better as a top coat. Still, both worth having, I think. Tres jolie.

And there you have it. :)


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