Friday, April 12, 2013

Jesse's Girl/Julie G Gumdrops deal (and then I ramble on...)

First off, a little something fun. Jesse's Girl / Julie G is featured on Groupon Goods from now through April 14. You can pick up the entire Gumdrops collection (shown in action here) for just 12.99, plus 2.99 shipping. If you and a friend go in together, or you buy a second as a gift, the shipping goes away and you pay 25.98 for two sets. You can purchase up to three for yourself and two more as gifts to send to friends. Kids, that is an AMAZING deal. Bless the folks at Groupon Goods and Jesse's Girl/Julie G for this one. Go! Go! Go! 

(here's another crazy thing...Groupon Goods is an Ebates merchant, so be sure to activate your Ebate and click through to the Groupon Goods through there. 3% cash back? Why not, right?'re not an Ebates shopper? And you want to know more about it? Look over there to the right. Hey, there's an Ebates link in the sidebar!*)

So...I have a confession to make. Are you ready for this?

I have not opened a single bottle of nail polish with the intent of applying it to my own nails in almost a week.

I'm incredibly disgusted with my nails right now. They're a peeling, brittle, damaged mess. They are 37 different lengths (quite a feat being that I'm limited to the usual ten fingers, but I manage somehow), and I don't know what to do with them. So I've been piling on the Nailtrition, I'm taking all my vitamins, and waiting for the little short guys to grow out enough that I can trim everything to the same length and start over.

I had them painted, in the gorgeous China Glaze Avant Garden Passion For Petals, but about 30 minutes after they were dry, something peeled. I growled and went to play with some Dreamy Lacquer Company creations instead. My polish never lasts long when I'm creating, so it went by the wayside with nary a picture. Beautiful color, went on perfectly without a single issue. Try it, you'll like it.

Speaking of  DLC though...we've got exciting things coming up over there. Stay tuned...especially if you like polishes inspired by sweeping "magnum opus" tales from one of our favorite authors. (Side note...Jess, um...perhaps I should also consider a line for JC's magnum opus type tales? I've been reading again...)

(Another side note: Big thanks to Cindy B. for putting a huge smile on my face a few days ago. I'd like to invite you to leave us a comment or drop a line letting me know what you think!)

So...I think I'm out of things I was going to say, and there's quite a bit here that I didn't plan on that just rolled out anyway...welcome to my brain, basically unfiltered! Try not to let it scare you, I'm wordy and mostly harmless =oD

*By the way, I don't work for Ebates or get anything from them other than the joy of getting some of my online shopping cash returned to me. I just think as much of my own money that I get to keep while still getting the stuff I want is a darn good thing! I got a 97 dollar check in February from my Christmas shopping extravaganza...what'd you get? :)

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