Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jesse's Girl - Julie G Gumdrops (Before and After)

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics released their Julie G. Gumdrops polish last week. I had preordered the collection and received my package last Saturday.

I was a little nervous because:

But I opened the envelope and found another shipping box. Inside the box was the boxed polish covered in a layer of padding. Nothing was broken, so no harm, no foul.

I couldn't wait to try these colors. The promo pictures were so pretty, with the polish and the handful of gumdrop candies. I had cleaned off my previous mani the night before, so I lined up the bottles and started slapping them on:

From thumb to pinky: Crushed Candy, Blueberry Fizz, Rock Candy, Tangerine Dream, Sugar Rush.
From thumb to pinky: Hot Cinnamon, Crushed Candy, Blueberry Fizz, Rock Candy, Tangerine Dream.

So pretty! I got distracted briefly and dripped the purple right on the edge of my index finger...oops. It cleaned up easily, but I took the pictures before I got around to the clean up.

So two days into this weak nails struck again. I have issues with peeling in the winter, see, and I had two nails go completely haywire. But it wasn't the polish at all--just my peeling nails. I grabbed a couple of pictures in the sun, too, when I had a chance. Since it was before I got to repair the damage, I put the pictures in the same group. 

I touched those two nails up and went on with my week. And kids, let me tell you, did I fall in love with this polish. It starts off a little rough (like Pixie Dust and Liquid Sand) but it smooths out very quickly and right now, it's got the texture of, say, an orange peel. There's nothing harsh about it at all. You just get a super-sparkly matte finish, as contradictory as that sounds. The color wears off the glitter a little as time goes by so you get bright silver flashes amidst the gorgeous colors. Here it is at the end of day 7:

It's got the usual growth at the base and some issues with tip wear (especially that Hot Cinnamon thumb up there) but NO CHIPS. The only chips were caused because of my nails, not because of anything the polish did. If I didn't have the tip wear and a short attention span, I'd leave this on another week and see what happens....ain't gonna happen though! 

If you like the textured polish trend, this is a great place to start. Pretty, bright colors, great wear, excellent price point...pick this stuff up if you can!

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