Saturday, March 16, 2013

Revlon Chroma Chameleon: Topaz, Aquamarine, Amethyst & Tanzanite

So I was out of polish remover. I took a quick jaunt to Walgreen's to pick up a bottle, with no thought in my head other than "don't forget to grab some milk, too" when I glanced over at the new polish display. I was checking up on the Wet N Wild Toppings collection, mostly. I picked them up last week, but I like seeing if the things I've chosen for myself prove to be popular. They had been replaced by a Sinful Colors glitter topcoat collection and these pretty little beauties, the Revlon Chroma Chameleon polishes. They're minis, 8.6 ml per bottle, and the going rate at Walgreen's is kind of high...but I have very little willpower. Enough that I didn't buy the entire collection--just my favorite half!

I texted Jess "Google. Revlon Chroma Chameleon. GO!" before I left the parking lot, because I knew she'd love them, too. Because who doesn't love jewel toned duochromes, amiright? Then I ran home to do my nails. But I didn't know which one to go with...and I still can't decide. I painted each color on one nail. First picture is one coat, second picture is three coats.

Topaz, green shifting to gold. It has a turquoise shift in the bottle, which I did not see on the nail.  

Aquamarine. It has a purple colorshift in the bottle, which doesn't show in my pictures. No bueno!
Amethyst is a muted purple with a green color shift. Again...the picture does this polish no justice. 

Tanzanite is a bright purple with a fuchsia and gold color shift. I wish I'd found these before the sun went down because I think natural light will be stunning on these polishes. 
And here are a couple of shots of the bottles. The first is with flash, the second I added extra light with a flashlight to try to convey the true bottle color. It helped. 

I loved this group of polishes. Although I do believe they're a little (a LOT) pricey for a mini. I thought, after that completely sheer first coat of each color, that it would take forever to build these up into an opaque color. I was wrong. I didn't even need the third coat for the two purples. And I'm dying to see how these would look as a sheer single coat (or two) over black, so perhaps that will be my project for tomorrow...


  1. Did you remember the milk? I hate when you forget to get what you went to get! :) Those are such lovely colors. I like them alot!!!

    1. Got the turkey...forgot the milk. LOL. We weren't completely out though, so it was OK.

  2. Those are gorgeous but possibly too expensive for my tastes. I need a sale.

    I'm too lazy to log in. You're welcome.