Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finger Paints Sketch N Etch with Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Yep, green. It's my St. Patrick's Day mani. And a lazy one at that. I started to do a green ombre, then I was going to do silver gem four leaf clovers. Just wasn't feeling it. It's green and sparkly, it works for me. Plus! My nails were getting a bit too long to be able to do my job well (I type a lot) AND I was having trouble texting lol. I got a little bit too happy with the trimming so they're pretty short again.

Finger Paints is a brand I've never used before and this is the only shade of it I own. I always got the feeling it was a bit...cheap. Like it would be crappy polish. Great glitter top coats but the polishes themselves would be sub par. I grabbed this one on sale during a green kick I was on and it's sat there since. If I were to base all of the rest of the colors on how this one went, I would have been right.

Thin, streaky, bubbles, takes forEVER to dry. Most of the things I hate about polish, basically. It wasn't smelly, so I'll give it that. It just didn't go on as easily as the polishes I'm used to, I guess. It's a shimmer, not a creme, so perhaps that's why. It's got sort of a gold shimmer to it. Which I like. But it wasn't shimmery enough.

Sinful Colors is another polish I'd never tried before for the same reason. Cheap. I don't have anything against a good cheap polish, understand. But a good cheap polish is usually an oxymoron. However, I'm not going to judge the brand based on this one because it's a flakie top coat, not something I'd use alone. With that said, oh how much do I love it? The green/blue/yellow flashes in it are awesome. I swear sometimes I even see silver. Dana found this one, I believe on an LE St. Patrick's Day display, and as soon as she showed me pics I knew I had to have it.

You will see it as that shade of blue most of the time. I am, anyhow. Two downsides. It smells. Not a bad smell, just strong. Definitely good for a cheap high. It's also sort of thick and a tiny bit on the difficult side to use because of it. Other than that, so far I'm loving it. Get yourself a bottle, pronto.


PS Oh hey! Remember that post I did about my Special Guest Polishes borrowed from my sister at her house while fixing her computer? And how I didn't fix it all the way so I'm down to a 60% fix rate? Back up to 70%, baby, oh yeah! LOL I gave it another stab over the weekend. Thought I'd try a new part, plus got some guidance from Dana. Fixed like...well, not like new, but it works! :D

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