Friday, March 8, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust - Chyna

Hey y'all! It would seem I've been on a bit of a Zoya run theses days...can't help it. I got a fairly decent haul from them last week and the love just keeps flowing! Up next is Pixie Dust in Chyna.

Pixie Dust is Zoya's contribution to the textured polish trend, and although I've only tried a couple of these polishes, at this point Zoya gets my vote for best of the bunch. Chyna is a deep rich clear red, packed with tiny red glitter enmeshed in what is essentially a semi-rough matte finish polish. But oh does this baby shine!

The color, texture, finish--everything about this polish is what I picture when I hear about Dorothy's famous ruby slippers. But pictures are worth a thousand words...

Top pictures with flash, bottom without. And I'll tell you, this polish got better with a little time on it. The rough surface smoothed down very slightly (just like the OPI Liquid Sand) and I couldn't stop looking at how pretty it is.

Although...yep, it's packed with glitter. We all know that means I'm really going to hate it when it's time to take this one off!

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