Monday, March 4, 2013

Maybelline Color Show - Denim Dash

After Jess had decent luck with her recent Color Show mani, I decided I would give them a try myself. I picked up Denim Dash, Amethyst Ablaze, and Crushed Candy. Denim Dash is from the Denims collection and Amethyst Ablaze is from the Metallics collection.

Then I received my Zoya Zang Toi Imperial Russia collection in the mail and passed right over the Color Show polishes. I had to give Imperial Russia a try...which is a post for another day. Because due to circumstances that were nearly completely within my control (I had to scratch my cat Lucy's ears, ok?? She was very demandy!), I ruined my Chinoiserie Fantasy. So I took it off, intending to re-do it. And then due to circumstances that were nowhere near to being within my control, and which you will hear all about in a day or two...I grabbed the Denim Dash and went for the non-complicated, isn't it such a pretty color mani. See?

I had a couple of boo-boos, due largely to the fact that I had to leave for work less than an hour after I painted these guys, and that included changing clothes and fixing my hair. Of course I put a dent in a couple of them. Sigh. But it's such a perfect denim color. Click onto the larger pictures and you'll even see the little white specks you see in a well worn pair of jeans. It's awesome. I loved it.

Then within the first twelve hours, it was Chip City. Well, maybe Chip Small Town. Because I had a couple, but nothing outlandish. And they were the only chips I got in 4 days. Also, my friend Julie brought me a bottle of OPI Teenage Dream, and I had to try it out, so I put glitter racing stripes on two nails. You'll see...if you look hard. It's a pale pink glitter, very subtle. As are the chips.

Tip of the thumb on the top picture, tip of the middle finger on the bottom picture. And some tip wear, which I always expect.

Overall, it was a great polish, especially considering the price. $2.97 at Walmart? I'll take it! Now I'm really looking forward to trying the other colors I got!

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