Monday, March 11, 2013

Update: Sally Hansen Bling It On

Much better on these ones, yes.  I still only had them on three days but it was nowhere NEAR as awful.

I sort of rushed the application on these more than the last ones so there's some pretty big gaps at the base. I mean, look at the left thumbnail. Sheesh. Overall, a much better outcome. I would still only use them as a quick replacement for something else and wouldn't count on them for the whole week. I also won't buy any more unless it's like, an awesome price. A dollar. Maybe.

I would recommend that when you remove this particular one, use your foils. Pink micro glitter all over the place otherwise.

Also, I asked in the original post about a polish that's similar? I found one! My Wal-mart finally updated their Hard Candy display. Crush On Pink is damn near a spot on match. The shade is a touch off, but it's close enough for me. Supersweet! :)


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