Monday, February 18, 2013

Maybelline Styled Out with OPI Simmer & Shimmer

This week I bring you a manicure done with two Special Guest Polishes. Why are they special guests? Because if you hop over to my stash list you'll realize that I don't own them. And of course I'm going to tell you why the heck I have them on then.

I'm kind of good at fixing computers. Kind of. Most of the more common issues like viruses, malware, things like that I can pretty easily take care of. Even some of the less common ones. I'd give myself about a 70% fix rate but I think that's only because I've never really been hit with anything massively bad. With Google by my side, most things are a snap. So of course anytime someone has an issue, I get tapped.

My oldest sister was having an issue with her internet access in that she completely lacked it on her desktop. It was a lot of different issues that turned into a three day repair process for me. I got to a certain point on the second day where I couldn't go any further because she had a disc I needed, so I made a trip back to her house the final day to finish up. I was also fully prepared to admit defeat. I did not think I would be able to fix this one at all, I thought I'd walk in, try this disc, it wouldn't work, and I'd leave. Two or three hours tops. Then I come home and do up my nails.

The disc worked.

It was roughly a nine hour process that involved a lot of updates and a lot of fiddling around. I realized about five hours into it that I was not going to have time to paint my nails once I got home so I raided her supply. Between her and my youngest niece there were a good amount of choices and the Maybelline caught my eye the most. It was really nice to use, very smooth and entirely doable in one coat. Then it dried to a sort of a matte almost and it looked like a pair of jeans. Which I liked. But was also almost immediately bored by it. So I dug back in and found the OPI with which I attempted a sort of reverse gradient. It was a little goopy and didn't want to spread so I ended up just sort of dragging it around and throwing dots here and there.

I like it. Perhaps not the best combination, no. The glitter doesn't really stand out much. It makes the blue seem sort of frosty. Like it's turning to ice. Which is neat to think. Also the matte on the base was lost because of the top coats needed to smooth out the glitter. I'm okay with that. These pics were taken pre edge cleanup, too, so you can see all my gobby errors. Hurrah.

I do like it and I'm going to sport it for as long as it lasts. Because that's the catch, see. I don't own these polishes so if it chips there's no way to repair. If it gets bad enough it's coming off. I won't be able to take it. Fingers crossed.

Regarding the computer, I only mostly fixed it. Internet access but not the way it should so I think I just dropped to 60%. Ah well. :(


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