Saturday, February 9, 2013

Update: China Glaze ALL THE POLISHES!!

Since I'm real good at the late natural light shots, have another:

A lot of these polishes took much longer than I realized to dry fully. If you look at the zoomed pic, you'll see pressure marks from my sheets and hair as this was taken after I woke up the next day. The funny thing is, they all had at least five hours to dry before I went to sleep. The even more amusing thing was that the Conga to My Cabana does not, and I redid it right before I went to sleep since it looked so crappy right out of the gate. Figure that one out.

I noticed a few things throughout the week. The Blue Iguana has a slight pink duochrome to it which was a nice surprise. The Flyin' High was the first and only one to chip but was very easily fixed. The Flying Dragon (Neon) has some pinkish glitter in it as well as the purple (and maybe some blue?), or perhaps it's the way the light catches it.

There you have it. Six days of wear and hardly a scratch. And believe it or not, my co-worker claimed it wasn't colorful enough. Some people are never pleased, I tell you.


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