Sunday, February 24, 2013

Update: Maybelline and OPI

As usual, my belated natural light shots first.

Already some tip wear and some small chipping there and that was only about 12 hours later. Not real high hopes.

I also didn't have a base coat on this. I'm not sure if my sister doesn't believe in them or just didn't have any at the time, I never cleared that up lol. The top coat was a speed dry by Revlon that I've never used before. It wasn't that quick, either, but it served the purpose of feeding the glitter and adding some shine. Though it took away from the Maybelline through no fault of its own, I'm pretty sure any top coat would have the same effect.

With that said...

I'm certainly not complaining! That looks pretty damn spectacular for a $4 polish. Will definitely be looking into more from the Color Show line, yes. The blue didn't even stain my nails despite the lack of base coat. In fact, it lifted a lot of the yellow from the previous few polishes. My bare nails look better than they did before I painted them, which is always a nice bonus.


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