Monday, February 4, 2013

China Glaze umm...a lot. :)

So this week is me being a little bit of an a-hole.

There's a man where I work who likes to pick at me for all of the "unnatural" colors I choose to paint my nails. He's older, you know how those old folks are. NOT GREEN OR BLUE OR BLACK ON YOUR NAILS!! You should have seen him the day I walked in with my hair colored dark red in the back and bright cherry red in the front. The look on his face was priceless.

It's all in good fun though, honest. He's not being hurtful about it, he just doesn't get it. He's been saying for months how I should paint my nails ten different colors just to prove the point.


This is all China Glaze, I grabbed colors mostly at random, but it sorta works out in my favor a bit as I have so freakin' many I haven't tried. Gives me a chance to sample.

Now, I say mostly at random because what happened was I grabbed the first non-glitter bomb non-vampy dark colors I saw. I could have worn twenty different reds that are only a shade or two off of each other but are so dark that you can't tell the difference. And I didn't want to do any glitter, not feeling it yet.

I'm gonna name each and talk about them starting from the left thumb, going straight across the above image and ending with the right thumb. They're all three coats except for one problem child.

Blue Iguana--I bought this accidentally and I gotta tell ya, I think it's my favorite one here. It goes on a little thin and streaky but it built up well. The shine and sparkle of it on the nail is awesome, I really like it. Happy accident.

Vertical Rush--Dana found this a few weeks ago and I jumped on it, too. Goes on well, two coats would have been fine. I went for the third and it bubbled. Still, sweet color.

Draped in Velvet--I'd had this on my wishlist forEVER and finally went for it. I had about 30 China Glazes there and about two weeks ago there was a sale and I wiped almost all of that out. Nice coverage, again two coats would have been fine. Maybe not a unique color but I still heart it.

Kiwi Cool-Ada--This one was a freebie from the aforementioned sale. It was sent accidentally. I actually thought it was a free gift or something for ordering so much, so I emailed to make sure and see if they wanted it back but was told to keep it. Yay freebies! It's a nice color but it sorta sucks to use. Thin, watery, streaky, and it dries to a weird matte finish. Sorta like those Blue Cross pumpkin polishes that glow in the dark. No, this one does not. A clear top coat set it straight. The name also reminds me of this. I said no salt! No salt!

Goin' My Way--Brown. What is it with me and weird browns? This one goes on thin and streaky, too. All three coats were needed. Why did I buy this? LOL Totally unlike me, I dunno what I was thinking. It's an okay color, sure but lol I dunno why I wanted it.

Conga To My Cabana--I bought this one on a whim (read: it was very very cheap) months ago and wore it on my toenails for a good chunk of the summer. It's a great toenail polish, looks cute in flip flops but I do not remember having such a horrific time with it then. This one was the problem child. That's nearly six coats on that nail. No, it didn't need it. Two was sufficient, three was better. But the dry time was atrocious. I kept smudging it so of course kept pasting more on. It seriously took forever to dry, even with a speed dryer. Hours later and I can still press my thumb on it and see my print so I just know I'm going to wake up tomorrow with this all messed up. I should just take it off and redo it. I dunno what the deal is.

High Maintenance--A nice bloody red. Slightly thin but still great, love it.  I also don't have anything else to add.

Flying Dragon (Neon)--Why are some of these labeled that way? I'm going to have to look into this neon business. I think I own another and if it's like this one...weirdness. It dried the same way the Kiwi Cool-Ada did, to a strange matte finish. It went on sort of chunky, like it was drying before the coat was even finished. It also seems like it needs another layer of top coat on it, it still feels a little (a very little) rough and looks sorta pockmarked. There's purple-ish glitter in there, too, but I'll be dipped if I can see it until I get right on it. I didn't even know it was in there until I started to paint.

Flyin' High--My second favorite here. A pretty sky blue. It needs clouds. It's a cream, and sorta thin, but leveled out quickly. I very much like it.

Emerald Sparkle--I've read there are two different versions of this but never looked into which this is. I also mostly don't care because wow, that's a great color.

And there you have it. I wonder what challenge my co-worker will set next?


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