Thursday, February 14, 2013

Color Club 2013 Holographic Halo Hues Collection

By now, I believe it is firmly established that around here, we love the holo polishes. Jess found the Color Club 2013 Halo Hues a couple of weeks back for a great price at Enospring (they've had a small increase in price since we pulled our respective triggers, but only a dollar or two for the 6-piece collection). Luckily enough, they also had the 2012 Halo Hues, so I grabbed them up while I was there.

I couldn't wait to get these colors on my nails, and I couldn't decide where to start. So I pretty much didn't decide :) I took the 2013 polishes and we went to town.
First up, Beyond:
Then Kismet:
Then I decided to mix it up a little bit, just alternating accent nails with the two colors. This set is Over The Moon (blue) and Cosmic Fate (peachy pink):
Finally, Eternal Beauty (purple) and Miss Bliss (pink). I only have one set of pictures, and they're not great. I did this mani in a bit of a hurry and neglected the photos, then the next day I caught my finger in a drawer and messed up the polish on my index finger. When I was about to remove the polish, I realized I'd forgotten pictures. Oops!
Lovely colors, the whole lot of 'em. The only one I would willingly give up is the Cosmic Fate. I'm not much on orange shades. Still, this was a pretty one :) 

Go get 'em, kids!

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