Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update but more about Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love

Because I don't think an update is really necessary on this. Dana has already covered that for us and the only difference between the two was we used different brand blacks as the base color. I should also mention that when I decided to try this again I did not have high hopes that it would work so I totally didn't use any kind of base coat whatsoever. I was fully expecting to have to remove it and choose something else.

With that said...

I don't think it turned out too shabbily. This is only four days of wear. I think the biggest issue with it is the growth at the base because I REALLY got over zealous with the clean up so I had cleared a lot of that out already.

Then I was out at Walmart trying to find a polish for Dana (which I didn't :P ) but...I didn't even know Hard Candy had a matte top coat! I mean...no! It was the only bottle I'd ever seen in there, so I grabbed it andfinallycavedontheHardCandyBeetleeventhoughIalreadyhaveOrlySpaceCadetbutshhhh. I thought I'd throw it on top of the water marble just to see what it looked like. Oh, and to see if it chipped any less than the Essie, which I think was pretty bad.

It's an...interesting look. I'm not too sure about it, I think I hate it. lol Not on this particular manicure, no. It didn't cause any extra chipping IMO but I only gave it one day. Next time I matte for the week I'll give this a try.


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