Sunday, December 2, 2012

Butter London Hampstead Heath vs Wallis

I've seen a few posts around here and there about the new butterLONDON goop colors and how Hampstead Heath looked very similar to Wallis. I thought so at first glance, too, based on the few pictures we had to go on. I got my lol Trifecta as well so I thought I'd do a comparison swatch of the two and post it in case anyone else was interested.

But guess what? I'm totally not going to bother ruining my very first water marble for it.

 butter london hampstead heath vs wallisbutter london hampstead heath vs wallis

Hampstead Heath left, Wallis right. Very different just in the bottle alone. Our conversation:

Dana (1:45:23 AM): also I think the wallis is way off the hampstead heath
Dana (1:45:28 AM): it's WAY golder
Jess (1:45:32 AM): I think so, too
Jess (1:45:40 AM): Or I wouldn't have gotten any of the three
Dana (1:46:20 AM): i think wallis is a gold with green undertone. hampstead heath is a green with gold shimmer
Jess (1:46:35 AM): they're like, the same but opposite lol
Dana (1:46:46 AM): yes, same shades, but the opposite one dominates

That about sums it up pretty perfectly.


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