Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Tree Nail Art

This time around I wanted to try some Christmas trees. Going from the decorations to the actual tree itself, yes. I appear to be zooming out. I got the idea from art a fan posted on OPI's facebook page a few weeks ago, but I did mine with tools instead of freehand. It seems to work better for me that way lol.

My best one, in my opinion, so it gets a solo shot. I am, for the third time, tickled with how it came out. Grinned the whole time I was top coating. Both hands:

These are all China Glaze colors. Started with one coat of Ruby Deer. I actually started with two coats but it took so long to dry that when I thought it was dry and tried to go to the bathroom, I smeared an even half dozen of them, so I took it all off and did it over. One coat, taking my time to get it even, was enough. I still used a coat of my liquid freeze on it to be safe. Once that was done, taped off some triangles and used Winter Holly for the trees. It took two coats of that to cover the red enough so after carefully removing the tape, waited for it to dry, then used my smallest dotting tool to do the stars in Angel Wings and the tree decorations in Glistening Snow. Three clear top coats, then some more liquid freeze and veeolah!

O Tannenbaum o Tannenbaum...  :D


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  1. Jess, those are soooooo cute! I wish I had the patience for that! Oh and some time to do it too! Merry Christmas!