Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ludurana Supernova

I'm a sucker for a good duochrome or multichrome polish. Same goes with holographic polishes. And when I found out that Ludurana had come out with a multichrome holo, I knew I had to have it. Enter Llarowe, stage left already! I placed my order and less than a week later, I got that little orange slip in my mailbox that means my mail man is a lazy jerk who refuses to walk up three stairs and knock on my door I had a package waiting for me at the post office. Friday morning, I picked up my package and drove immediately home. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. And this is what I got:

I was like a kid at Christmas. I immediately ripped into it (ok, busted out the scissors) and dumped the contents onto the table:
That, my friends, is four very well wrapped bottles of Ludurana Supernova and one very well wrapped bottle of piCture pOlish Cosmos. I put the Cosmos to the side and ripped into the Ludurana. I was fortunate that I was able to get four of the six colors: Estrela, Galaxia, Onda de Luz, and Orion. (I'm still waiting to get my hands on Fenomeno and Celestial. Keep your fingers crossed for me or I might obsess myself into an asylum of some sort where they put me in a white jacket and won't let me have any nail polish at all.)

I tossed on a quick coat of Salon Perfect in Oil Slick (their basic black creme, and the only one I had handy at that moment). Then I did a Supernova Skittles mani. Each nail is two coats of the color and a Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat. Here are just a few of the way too many pictures I took, hoping for something other than similar outcomes. I was trying to make the multichrome pop but was having zero luck (I had the same issue with the Ludurana Aurora Boreals). It's definitely photographer error, because these, my friends, are some beautiful polishes. Enjoy!
no flash
No flash
We've had no sun for the last three days, so everything here is artificial light, with and without flash. It's supposed to snow today, so if we get any sun before I remove this polish, I'll update with pictures then. And be sure to click through so you can fully see how gorgeous these colors are!

We did not get the predicted snow, and the sun actually came out to play for a few hours! So, because I love you, I took some pictures:
Look at that sparkle. Makes my heart go pitter-pat! But the other gorgeous thing about these polishes is that they're multichromes. I took a couple of sets of pictures so you can see the color shift--sorry, I'm not talented enough to make it happen in one photo! These were taken in bright indirect light.
It's not so obvious in the first set, above...and I apologize for the weird picture that's first in the next series, but the color change! Ahhh...lovely. I adore Ludurana. The Supernova collection has not disappointed this girl in the least.

P.S. For whoever googled to find the size of the bottles, they're 9ml. Not quite full size, but twice the size of most minis. And a tiny bit larger than the Aurora Boreals :)

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  1. This polish is beautiful in person. The pictures do not do it justice. Very pretty indeed!