Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Tree Decoration Nail Art

Or what I call nail art. I'm not really sure I've reached the level of "art" yet. In fact, lol I'm pretty positive. But I'm trying!

From here.
These were my inspiration. Fairly easy to do, not much detail, still trying to keep with the simple stuff until I get better at it. My other inspiration was the new Color Club Winter Affair collection which is the single most confusing polish collection I've ever tried to buy. Twelve zillion different colors all named the same three things. And they smell. They're not merely scented, no. They smell.

I purchased from Sally Beauty and used Gift of Sparkle and Winter Affair, which are blue and gold foils respectively. For great swatches, visit here. My first attempt...

Yeah, not the best. For starters, I always seem to do these things right after I cut my nails all the way back. I had some weird breaks. Also, I really needed a smaller brush. I have one, I just didn't feel like digging it out. So that's what I get. It is supposed to be one giant star with tinier ones around it. Big brush + not enough workspace = didn't quite work out. I was going to run with it anyhow if I could stand the smell of my nails that long.

These polishes reek. And not in a good way. Okay, let me amend. The blue, Gift of Sparkle, is the one that stank. I believe it's supposed to smell like hot cocoa but if anyone ever put a cup full of something that smelled like this in front of me I would dump it into the nearest plant. It was good for about ten minutes and then started to get nauseating. I couldn't even smell the gold polish because of it. So twenty-four hours later because I could still smell it (though admittedly nowhere near as badly), I decided I was going to try again.

This time I switched over to China Glaze's Holiday Joy collection and used Blue Bells Ring as the base with Angel Wings as the big star and Glistening Snow as the tiny dots that I'm now calling snow. lol Hey, they're my nails, I'm allowed.

Much closer to what I was going for, yes. I think it's pretty cute, in fact, and am again very pleased with the results. 

It's also much less smelly, and that's even better! A quick note, both the blues used are one-coaters. Nice, right.


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  1. Very cute! I like a lot! I also think your editor is super cute!