Saturday, December 29, 2012

A-England King Arthur Matte

I, completely in the no bright colors, non artsy, anti-Christmas direction this time. That was fast. I may have also performed a bit of blasphemy with this one. A-England's polishes are universally beautiful, I can almost guarantee I'll own all of them someday.

King Arthur is a silvery frosty grey color. This is actually my first use of any of the brand. Application was decent, it goes on sort of thin, but it was smooth and easy to get that three stroke finish. The first coat left a few gaps but the second was enough to close them so I left it there.

And then it got interesting.

I'm just not feeling very flashy after all the holiday jazz. I also managed to score a bottle of China Glaze Matte Magic a little while back and have just been waiting to try it. Now if you remember, the only other time I wore a matte finish I was convinced it was the source of all of my chipping problems. I figured maybe Essie's Matte About You just didn't like me so I'll try another. How MM holds up remains to be seen, but how it looks on top of the King Arthur...

A gorgeous flat gunmetal grey finish. I really like it and am completely feeling it right now. Please excuse the chippy weird thing on the thumbnail, I was prying open my cellphone to get at the SIM card. That matte really killed King Arthur's naturally frosty, shiny finish but it's what I was going for so I'm enjoying it.

I also meant to do a smell comparison between the MM and the MAY for this post and forgot, so I'll inform you in the update to this. But oh my wow does the MM stink. It's really strong, and it really lasts a while. Definitely not a whole day but several hours after. Pew-stinky.


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