Monday, September 23, 2013

Update: Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate

As Dana mentioned in a previous post, I am not happy with the Lippmann Gel Lab set. Sucks. Hate it. I had so many problems on that first mani and while it didn't happen a few days later with that one as she said (because I used a different top and base when I repaired, see), it happened with this one. I probably shouldn't have used them again on this but I was really hoping it was something I did. That does not appear to be the case. It's like it intentionally causes massive chipping for me. So unfair.

The Belgian chocolate itself was lovely. I said in the application post how it was sort of thick and that adding some thinner might help it out a bit? Well I got my chance to find out.

About twelve hours after I painted:

Left pointer and middle finger. Right thumb, pointer, and middle fingers. All chipped. Badly. What a freakin' waste of polish. I stripped them completely and redid using Seche Vite.

Twelve hours after that:

Weird pic, I know, but that's my left ring finger with the tiny chip and the right ring finger with the massive chips. I did not redo those two the night before, I left them intentionally to see what would happen and there ya go. Stripped those two plus both pinkies, redid with SV instead.

Four days later for the first three digits, three days later for the last two. That gouge on the pinky was my fault, I caught my nail inside a hole in my locker at work. Zero issues otherwise.

It's definitely the Lippmann. I just don't understand why half the population has great luck with it and the other half hates it. It's terrible and I'm getting rid of it. Will never use again.

Thinning out the GG polish worked a charm, btw. It went on much more smoothly. The only real issue I have with it is my god, does it stain something terrible.

And they're not even really orange like the picture shows, they're definitely more brownish red. Didn't matter anyhow 'cause I then had two big breaks happen and cut 'em all off. Hooray.


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