Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Update: Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance

It almost was. A bad romance that is. As I said, this was a lemming of mine and it almost broke my heart on the very first day. It chipped terribly. A twenty-freakin'-dollar polish should not do the things this did. And to top it off, I used Ms. Lippmann's Gel Lab Set. How on earth does it not work on her own polish?

And those are after less than twenty four hours. That's just not right! I mean, if I had not gotten these on sale, you'd be looking at sixty dollars worth of polish that completely failed. So boy, am I glad I didn't pay anywhere near that much.

I soldiered on though, patching them up and using just plain old cheap top coat to seal 'em. Which actually worked better than the $20 gel lab topper.

It was pretty perfect until the very last day and then all the patches I fixed started falling off again. Almost heartbreaking, yes. Upon reading further reviews for the gel lab set, they're very mixed and usually swing to the very negative or very positive. I just don't see how it happened. For me, a very expensive waste. I'm going to use it again on my next one and see what happens.


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