Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cirque Dark Horse

This is the polish that made me discover Cirque. Of course it was Scrangie, and of course because it's a black I had to have it. I love Cirque, the whole sort of dark mystique about it, and have hopes of someday perhaps trying to own them all. Gee I wish she had sales more often lol.

Every time I plan to wear Dark Horse, I have nails break enough that I gotta cut 'em all back. Why does that happen? Truly, it's disgusting. It happened this time, too. I decided it wasn't stopping me, so perhaps that will break the curse.

Dark Horse is, I think, a truly beautiful polish. And these pictures are going to do it no justice. Others have done much better and I'll leave it to them lol.

Blurry for colors

Now, honestly, a good amount of the time I look down at my nails what I see is a black with a bunch of silver glitter. It's very sparkly and there are occasional colors that pop, but mostly no. I've found I do have to be in the "right" light or have them close to my face to see the color. I like it, it just doesn't pop as much as I had expected.

Application was great. That's only two coats. Cirque has weirdly wide brushes that make it a bit challenging but nothing terrible. Smooth out your tips before it dries, too, the glitter is going to make it rough. Speaking of tips, do not use Seche Vite with this. You can already see the shrinkage only  ten minutes after I used it. It's a top coat eater, too, so you'll need a few layers of that.

Or will you? Because if you're a fan of textures, doing this without top coat is a pretty interesting option, too.

It looks sorta dull in those pics, yeah, but in actuality it's better. The pinky has one layer of top coat on it. I considered leaving it like this myself. It's only mildly rough to the touch so it's totally doable as a textured option.

You can also see on the larger pics that there's glitter everywhere from some of the cleanup I had to do, which means removal is going to be a mess. :-P


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