Sunday, September 15, 2013

Random Chat

Unbelievably, it has been almost a year since we've posted one of these. Jess just never remembers to save the chats. She shall try to remedy that!

This conversation has been edited slightly, mostly to remove the excessive swearing that occurs when the two of us get together lol.

Dana (3:27:48 AM): hey
Jess (3:28:02 AM): hi
Dana (3:28:25 AM): what's up kiddo
Jess (3:29:04 AM): remember that lacquerous website, the one where you rent polish. did you ever get in?
Jess (3:29:09 AM): cause check your email if not
Dana (3:29:19 AM): no, i didn't. and lol ok
Dana (3:30:28 AM): i didn't get anything. why?
Jess (3:31:04 AM): I did. I'm in. And don't feel bad at all. Because there's only 66 polishes there. And a lot are not hard to find or expensive
Jess (3:31:11 AM): they got a bunch of OPI shatters ffs
Dana (3:31:13 AM): LOL ok. then I won't feel bad
Dana (3:31:29 AM): 15 dollars a month when they only have 66 polishes?!?
Jess (3:31:45 AM): Exactly. And that's the version where they send you what they wanna send you.
Dana (3:31:52 AM): ...eff that.
Jess (3:31:57 AM): If you actually want to choose your polishes, it's like three dollars more
Dana (3:32:00 AM): I could do better than that with my effing stash
Jess (3:32:10 AM): You can log in as me and look around if you want.
Jess (3:32:14 AM): but right now, totally not worth it
Dana (3:32:21 AM): thanks. I'll check it
Jess (3:32:47 AM): I also don't trust them. I read ONE blog post, from like a year ago, that has semi false advertisement.

Jess (3:32:56 AM):
Jess (3:33:15 AM): scroll down between the two images
Jess (3:33:33 AM): see where they're saying about drugstore polish not being 3-free?
Jess (3:33:54 AM): china glaze is 3 free
Dana (3:33:56 AM): right. How many of them AREN'T 3 free anymore.
Dana (3:33:58 AM): right.
Jess (3:34:08 AM): Rimmel london is FIVE free
Dana (3:34:35 AM): like zoya, yeah. And I wouldn't exactly call China Glaze a drugstore brand anyway. Sally Hansen, sure.
Jess (3:35:07 AM): They're fakers. They got some polish I never heard of, a lot of stuff I own, and nothing I'd want to try first
Dana (3:35:30 AM): also, it's bull that the designer colors are more on-trend. Dior might match the Dior collection exactly, but I ain't exactly buying Dior clothes either.
Jess (3:35:53 AM): I feel a blog post coming on lol
Dana (3:36:01 AM): LOL DO IT DO IT DO IT
Dana (3:36:14 AM): they have Private Dancer and OPI White Shadow. I have both of those.
Dana (3:36:49 AM): i have bitches brew. you probably have book of shadows from cirque
Jess (3:37:01 AM): nope.
Jess (3:37:22 AM): I love them but don't buy there often because they're too expensive for my tastes most of the time. When she has a sale, sure
Dana (3:37:56 AM): lol this is totally not worth it. it's a brilliant idea, but you better have EVERYTHING Dior has put out. And everything that I refuse to buy just because of the price. Where's the Lynderella
Dana (3:38:32 AM): and all the OPIs are shatters except one. where's the san francisco collection?!?
Jess (3:38:38 AM): lol seriously
Dana (3:38:59 AM): Dude, you and I together could do better than this.
Jess (3:39:50 AM): LOL Hell, between us we could offer like over a thousand choices
Dana (3:40:00 AM): good. now I can put it out of my head and be done. AND THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING
Jess (3:40:42 AM): God, I was all excited when I saw the email, got there and went wait...I own most of these... lol
Dana (3:41:02 AM): LOL another good idea down the drain
Jess (3:42:20 AM): well. Yanno, I kinda hope not. Maybe they're in a transition. maybe they're only allowed to offer a polish for so long. who knows. I'm looking at other places and while it's cutting it close, older blogs say they had over 70 at one point. maybe it'll get better. one can hope
Dana (3:42:45 AM): yeah, maybe. and maybe they didn't buy enough of certain colors and once it's gone it's gone
Dana (3:43:05 AM): although I'd think you'd buy 4 or 5 of each one if it seemed popular
Jess (3:43:19 AM): You'd think
Dana (3:43:44 AM): I'm just sayin'. Don't promote yourself for being the most on-trend and then have OPI shatters from 3 years ago but none of their current collection
Dana (3:43:59 AM): not even any liquid sands from last year!
Jess (3:44:10 AM): lol
Jess (3:44:54 AM): I'm not even going to bother writing anything. I'm screenshotting the list of polishes, then putting this conversation in there lol
Dana (3:45:07 AM): LOL ok
Jess (3:46:30 AM): Maybe their stuff broke in shipping. Or got taken lol
Dana (3:46:38 AM): Good god, I just read back. And I swear a lot
Jess (3:46:44 AM): LOL I'll edit
Dana (3:46:47 AM): :D
Jess (3:47:57 AM): only one of them actually caught my interest and lol you can just make it for me so why bother
Dana (3:48:09 AM): which one is that?
Jess (3:49:25 AM): lol I can't find a swatch of it
Dana (3:49:35 AM): lol which polish. i'll look at the bottle
Jess (3:50:42 AM): Iconic is the brand. Midnight in paris is the name.
Dana (3:50:52 AM): it's pretty.
Jess (3:50:57 AM): Midnight In Paris is a black with silver and gold flecks of shimmer.
Jess (3:51:02 AM): that's the description
Jess (3:51:12 AM): simple. and not worth me paying a subscription lol
Dana (3:51:21 AM): god, no. not for one use
Jess (3:51:30 AM): I just can't find a swatch
Jess (3:52:07 AM): Although I just found a sinful colors I actually really want
Dana (3:52:19 AM): oh, nice. which one is that?
Jess (3:52:26 AM): leather loose?
Jess (3:52:33 AM): If I ever saw that in the store I went right by it
Dana (3:52:38 AM): that might be in the current collection that's out now.
Jess (3:57:30 AM): Regardless, I'm not tearing up anyone's brand. I just don't see why that is "luxury" polish
Jess (3:58:42 AM): Or even Nars. Or OPI
Dana (3:59:05 AM): no, I know. And it's not. I think someone just decided their personal pile of colors was a great place to start
Dana (4:04:52 AM): k. I was just going through my nail polishes from the other day. I didn't pick up any of the Leather Luxe collection although I did look at it
Jess (4:05:16 AM): eight times four plus 2
Dana (4:05:20 AM): 34
Jess (4:05:31 AM): that's how many are actually available to try right now on lacquerous lol
Jess (4:05:57 AM): I'm gonna hafta go look then. I think I need that. the first sinful colors I actually need lol
Dana (4:05:57 AM): so..that makes 32 of the 66 out for use? that's 11 whole subscribers
Jess (4:06:25 AM): I saw that display, too
Jess (4:06:40 AM): for some reason I thought it was a texture and didn't look
Dana (4:06:45 AM): they're matte finish, to look like leather.
Dana (4:07:07 AM): I wish I HAD looked at 'em. I love that Cold Leather, too
Dana (4:07:13 AM): and Get It On is nice
Jess (4:07:37 AM): guess I'm going back to walgreens lol
Dana (4:07:44 AM): LOL me too
Dana (4:07:53 AM): there's a tiny part of me that wants to climb in my car and go right now
Jess (4:08:00 AM): also, while I'm effing with this, can you find me those good pics of the fingrs display again please?
Jess (4:08:06 AM): I'm not. don't care that much lol
Dana (4:08:06 AM): sure
Dana (4:09:07 AM): they're that girl Oh Three Oh Four's
Jess (4:09:09 AM): ohhh
Jess (4:09:13 AM): thank you. I dunno why we don't have them here yet
Dana (4:09:24 AM): i dunno. maybe they haven't come out there, or maybe they're already gone
Dana (4:09:36 AM): but that's a blog I think I'll add to my bloglovin
Dana (4:13:48 AM): who are some other polish blogger types. i'm trying to follow them so maybe they'll add us to their feed
Dana (4:14:07 AM): and I sadly only have Scrangie and PolishAholic that I can think of, lol
Jess (4:14:20 AM): swatchaholic
Jess (4:14:25 AM): imperfectly painted
Jess (4:14:28 AM): painted mommy
Jess (4:14:49 AM): lust for lacquer
Jess (4:14:52 AM): vampy varnish
Dana (4:14:54 AM): lol see, I don't know two of those. you're better at this than me :D
Jess (4:15:04 AM): LOL I'm really thinking hard, I just want you to know
Dana (4:15:09 AM): LOL
Jess (4:15:36 AM): all lacquered up, I was just on that one lol
Jess (4:15:43 AM): let them have polish!
Dana (4:15:57 AM): LOL ok
Jess (4:15:59 AM): I think nailed it is one
Dana (4:16:04 AM): probably
Jess (4:16:24 AM): and lacquerous or lacquerized? or I'm confusing it with the website I'm about to sorta ream lol
Dana (4:16:47 AM): i'll hunt. see what i can find
Jess (4:16:48 AM): nails and noms
Dana (4:16:54 AM): LOL thanks.
Jess (4:17:02 AM): I think there's something like daily polish or daily varnish
Dana (4:17:14 AM): ok
Jess (4:17:20 AM): LOL and now I'm reaching. I'm sure there are more that I know and if you say them I'll go yep yep but lol yeah
Dana (4:17:33 AM): that's fine. I'm happy with this. LOL
Dana (4:17:54 AM): i can't find a blog for painted mommy
Jess (4:18:37 AM): oh. lol I wonder who I'm thinking of lol
Dana (4:18:52 AM): it's ok. i can't find lust for lacquer either.
Jess (4:19:30 AM): on google?
Dana (4:19:34 AM): yep
Dana (4:20:23 AM): I'm just trying to find the URL so I can add them to my list.
Dana (4:21:26 AM): I've even seen the painted mommy before. I just can't find it
Jess (4:21:39 AM): maybe she shut down :-(
Dana (4:21:55 AM): that would be sad
Jess (4:22:01 AM): she's the one that had that gorgeous color club halo hues ombre
Dana (4:22:11 AM): yes, i remember
Dana (4:22:52 AM): the one I can't find now, lol
Jess (4:23:05 AM): oh no
Jess (4:23:12 AM): I knew I shoulda saved some of those pics
Jess (4:23:33 AM): I dunno what lust for lacquer is. I dunno what I'm thinking of then
Dana (4:23:59 AM): LOL iono. and either way. i has a sad! LOL
Jess (4:24:12 AM): ffs
Dana (4:24:14 AM): OK
Jess (4:24:36 AM): that would freak me the eff out every time I caught site of my nails
Dana (4:24:45 AM): LOL but it's cute
Jess (4:24:51 AM): I like it. A lot. I could never wear it
Dana (4:25:35 AM): cute, lol
Dana (4:28:01 AM): LOL I do like the let them have polish site. "Nails, makeup, cats, nonsense"
Jess (4:28:33 AM): yeah, she's fun sometimes
Jess (4:29:00 AM): somehow, women who like both nail polish and cats are a common theme lol
Dana (4:31:40 AM): LOL right
Dana (4:31:43 AM): Chalkboard Nails
Dana (4:31:59 AM): Nail Polish Wars
Dana (4:32:04 AM): The Polished Perfectionist
Jess (4:32:26 AM): goddam, yep lol
Jess (4:32:42 AM): chalkboard nails, god, she does the best nail art how could I forget that
Dana (4:32:47 AM): LOL right
Dana (4:33:02 AM): Prim and Polished
Jess (4:33:09 AM): yes
Jess (4:33:11 AM): lol
Dana (4:33:59 AM): which she apparently has somehow blocked bloglovin
Dana (4:34:02 AM): it says she doesn't exist
Jess (4:34:09 AM): oh well
Dana (4:34:11 AM): i copied her freakin' URL, lol
Dana (4:34:12 AM): and yep
Jess (4:34:22 AM): maybe she doesn't have an RSS feed?
Dana (4:34:24 AM): The Polish Addict.
Jess (4:34:40 AM): what's that called the list of polishes that you have to choose from in total
Jess (4:34:45 AM): on that site
Jess (4:34:49 AM): versus the ones available
Jess (4:34:59 AM): there's a name for that lol
Dana (4:35:00 AM): oh, i don't know. Um. lemme think
Jess (4:35:05 AM): library
Dana (4:35:09 AM): Oh, yeah, there you go
Jess (4:35:09 AM): stock
Jess (4:35:10 AM): lol
Jess (4:35:14 AM): LOL is that the right word?
Dana (4:35:19 AM): inventory
Jess (4:35:20 AM): that's not the word I'm looking for lol
Dana (4:35:20 AM): maybe
Jess (4:35:21 AM): YES
Jess (4:35:25 AM): I wanted inventory lol
Jess (4:35:26 AM): thanks
Dana (4:35:33 AM): lol you're welcome
Dana (4:39:43 AM): Polish Or Perish: Women who have almost as much nail polish as they have education.
Jess (4:40:19 AM): lol
Jess (4:45:44 AM): I haven't done a random chat for so long I don't remember how I did it lol
Dana (4:45:59 AM): LOL um. me either!
Jess (4:46:11 AM): LOL I'll figure it out. but wow.
Jess (4:46:25 AM): how do we talk about nail polish that much and I never make a random chat post lol
Dana (4:46:45 AM): LOL I have no idea. Because we do it ALL THE TIME
Jess (4:46:53 AM): LOL bad me

Personal note from Jess,
Here is a screenshot of Lacquerous's current full inventory (click the link below each image if you want to then zoom in and see the names):

And the polishes available right now to try out:
In other words, all the "good" ones are gone. Wait list. I was really expecting a much better selection. It does say Beta on it, so I'm hopeful about where it goes. But after waiting this long to get in...yep, sad wabbit.

Are you a member of Lacquerous? What do you think of it so far? Still on the wait list? Anywhere near as disappointed as we were? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


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  2. Hello! Thank you for your kind comment. Jess has been handling so much of the blog for the past month or so, but I'm trying to get myself a little more organized and back into the groove :) I just went and followed you on bloglovin'! Thanks for the link, it was super-easy to find you that way. -- Dana