Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spellbound Nails: All of Time & Space

I recently purchased this nail polish from Spellbound Nails, at her Storenvy shop. She's got some gorgeous polishes, but I'd had my eye on All of Time & Space for a fair bit of time now, and with the recent Dr. Who 50th Anniversary episode on tap, I snatched this little beauty up and celebrated the return of Ten and Eleven in style :)

Please forgive my horrible, horrible photos. My camera wouldn't focus right, the light is not good, and the color comes across as muddy and a little darker than it should be. This polish is a beautiful navy blue jelly with tiny silver holographic glitter and lots of holographic silver crescent moons and stars. I had to do a tiny bit of digging on the final coat, because I wanted a bunch of the moons and stars in the top layer. They were easy to place, though, and it was only because I was being greedy that I had to dig at all. The stars do tend to dry with their points sticking out a bit, but a generous layer of top coat fixed that right up for me.

Gorgeous polish, this one.

Light is 100% artificial. We had an exceedingly dreary, gray day today, so I wasn't able to get any sparkly sun shots. Too bad, too. I love it and I know I'll use this polish often :)

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