Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Elf Pants featuring I Love Nail Polish Very Ornamental & A Fresh Evergreen

I Love Nail Polish, along with every other nail polish in the world (including mine!) has recently released a Christmas line. ILNP's consisted of three polishes, a red/green/gold shift called Nostalgia, and a red and a green holographic. When I received these polishes, I was in the middle of rocking a gorgeous holographic polish I'd gotten from Too Cute-ical called American Beauty, but I had to try the ILNPs out right then. I grabbed up the red Very Ornamental, painted half of my thumbnail (I wanted a comparison to the American Beauty). Then I grabbed the green A Fresh Evergreen and painted the other half of the same nail. I took a quick pic and texted it to Jess.

 Her response?


 Elf pants. As in:

The girl's, obviously, not the guy's baggy elf sweat pants. 

So, when I started my first Christmas mani, Elf Pants it was, Elf Pants it is, and Elf Pants it shall be. First two pictures are artificial light, no flash.

Next two pictures are same artificial light with forced flash, and a new stripey sort of thing my camera has decided is a good thing to do when forced to flash...sorry about the crap pictures but you get the idea of how lovely the holographic is in these two polishes. 

Jess thinks I could start an Elf Pants trend with the half-and-half color style. What do you say? Are you in? I think they need a little something else. I'm considering a black belt and gold buckle on the accent finger, which I've already painted in the reverse of the others.

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