Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vivid Lacquer: Murdered by Pirates is Good

Sometime between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (I don't remember which day it was exactly) I ordered some stamping plates from Vivid Lacquer. You know, because I wasn't frustrated enough with the dozen plates I already had* and thought I'd add to the collection. When I got my package in the mail, I discovered an unexpected bonus: a bottle of gorgeous charcoal gray, seemingly holographic, but wait, that's blue sparkles in there, nail polish. I flipped the bottle over and found the name: Murdered by Pirates is Good. Now, I'm not always up on pop culture so if there's a reference I have no idea what it is--but the name, it's catchy! The name comes from The Princess Bride. (This is what I get for writing posts at 2 or 3 in the morning, ok??)

I had bad luck with the ILNP Elf Pants. Not the design, it was great. But the chipping! I didn't even last a full 48 hours before that bad boy had to GO. I lost a full 2/3 of the polish from one nail, and it wasn't even something that I'd smashed or caught or damaged in any way. It just...went. Kablooey. So I went ahead and let it go, and decided I'd give this lovely Vivid a try.

This is no flash under the best light in my house. It's remarkably accurate, at least on my computer screen.

This shot is out of focus. Go ahead and zoom in on that one. Look at all those rainbow sparkles. 

Finally, a shot with flash. It was the only flash photo that worked tonight. It's a mystery!
I just checked the Vivid Lacquer shop on Etsy and there are currently no polishes listed. I've no idea if this one will make it to the shop in the future, or if it was limited to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. If you're interested, I'd say go ahead and contact the shop owner, Anni, and ask about it.

I did have a small issue with application. This little guy is thick, so my application was a little heavy. I did go with two coats because the first bit went on thin and then it stacked up on me. Maybe a drop or two of thinner will benefit it, but I haven't tried it at this point. It's a beauty, though. I can see myself going back to this one often.

*Clearly my stamping problems were caused by the plates, right? (That's all solved now, I have since learned what I was doing wrong, and now I'm ready to stamp anything that doesn't move fast enough. Including the cats. Here, Kitty Kitty!)

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