Monday, December 9, 2013

Update: Turkeys Again

I painted these late in the week so by the time the week was up there were so many exciting things going on around here that I held off a few extra days and then plumb forgot!

Nothing to report on anyhow. There's that little inset of my right thumb in the middle there that shows sort of a ripple effect going on, but I'm certain I did that to myself trying to remove a sticker or a price tag or something similar before it was completely dry.

The rest of the time I was really just babying my nails, taking some good care of them. Moisturizing and whatnot. I've been on vacation from my job for the past two weeks, so I'm getting ready to return to work and it was time to file them back some, too.  So have a couple of pre-filing, bare nail shots:

Nice and blurry, too. I did that just for you lol. Not too too ugly, I don't think. A bit yellow, weird tip colors, but getting there. :)


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