Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa and His Reindeer

This one is another request by my mother to try. Another pic she posted on facebook, which I have since tracked down to here and here. The funny part of it was that she was upstairs saying how she wanted me to do this one next, I was downstairs about 50% through my last manicure.

Poor timing lol.

What she posted, if you haven't checked either of those links yet, is a very simple reindeer mani with one certain red-nosed reindeer thrown in on the accent nail. Since I then had a whole week to think about it, while listening to a lot of Christmas music, was that technically that should only cover nine of my nails. I need a tenth, right?

Remember Dana's Santa mani from last year?

These ones were a bit difficult to get the nice light box photos of since I hadda shove that thumbnail in with the Santa. Kept focusing on him and blurring the others. But there you have it.

Colors used:
  1. OPI Jingleberry for Santa's hat and Rudolph's nose
  2. OPI Alpine Snow for beard, hair, hat trim, reindeer eyes
  3. Essie Licorice for Santa's eyes and reindeer pupils
  4. Butter London Cake-Hole for Santa's nose and mouth
  5. Butter London Tea & Toast for reindeer heads
  6. Butter London Teetotal for reindeer noses and antlers
Happy Holidays! :D


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