Sunday, November 17, 2013

Update: JulieG Holiday Frosted Gumdrops

These are great polishes. For the durability at this price point they're a steal. No chips, no peeling, no weirdness with the growth at the cuticles, hardly even any tip wear.

See that? Considering the last texture I wore, which chipped pretty badly by comparison to these and cost me twice the price, I very much recommend these.

With one word of caution.

Well, it's more than one word. Still. They are way into the red zone on the difficulty of removal dial. Foils didn't even help much. Microglitter all over, I really had to scrub at them. And what is it about blue polish that causes it to stain so often? The Sleigh Ride was nowhere near as bad as the other two linked right there but it was bad. The green, pink, and purple did a bit, too.

So the reason they lasted so long, so well, was 'cause they were never meant to be removed, apparently lol. Regardless, they're worth it.



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    1. They're great, aren't they? A very affordable and equally lovely alternative to the rest.