Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Zoya Cola and Color Club Revvvolution

Went pretty plain this week. Last week, while they were adorable and worked out so well and I loved them, took forever lol. I was tired. So this week, mostly plain. Hey, I threw some jewels in!

I've had Zoya Cola hanging around in the back of my mind ever since I bought it. It's not one of my go-to colors, I'm mostly not a reds person unless they're really dark, but I like this one. I really does remind me of a cola soft drink. And I get this stuck in my head every time I think of it.

You're welcome.

The jewels came out much more orange in the pictures, they're definitely more red in person. The Zoya was two coats, almost three if you're not careful. And the whole time I was sitting here painting with it I kept wondering who the heck named their daughter Cola?

The Color Club can be one coat but I wouldn't recommend it. Know why? Zoom in on that right hand and check out the left side of the ring finger. It's a hot mess. That was one coat.

I'm pretty positive I didn't just leave it like that. I used INM Out the Door to quick dry it since Zoya hates SV and I think the INM shrank the Color Club that way. I have two coats on my left ring finger and it's not like that. So use two coats, k?

Speaking of that polish, I gotta admit I'm a bit disappointed with the Revvvolution. There's some sparkle in those pictures but I mostly just see grey when I'm walking around. Just grey. Ah well.

The jewel was easy to apply, too. I was going to use more of those but I spilled the ones I wanted everywhere and then they got kitten pounced and sent to the four corners of the earth, so there went that idea. Dana tells me that just the top coat would hold them on and I didn't want to believe her, but I've learned that lesson. She's right, those puppies ain't going nowhere! lol


PS Speaking of that kitten, I'm told we don't talk enough about cats around here. So oh hey, guess who got a new kitten a few months ago?

Stray, found by a friend, probably about six months old at the time. It looks like something bit the tip of her tail off, too, the bones are a bit kinky and it ends rather abruptly. Doc says it healed well, though, and she's already been fixed and is assimilating pretty well.

Her post surgery shirt

She's a tiny terror and I love it. ;)

Oh don't mind me, just relaxing on the Christmas moose.

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