Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ILNP Cygnus Loop (H) French Manicure

ILNP is my new favorite place. I could seriously throw all of my money at that website and not eat for the rest of the month. I would at least die happy and with beautifully painted nails.

Dana's the one that found 'em first and then pointed me at them when the Ultra Chromes were on pre-sale. Which I totally forgot to purchase so I had to sit through the release. I freaking hate releases and restocks and I will avoid them like the plague but I really wanted to make sure I got these.

Dear rest of the polish world,

If you would so kindly handle your releases and restocks the way ILNP does, we would all have such easier lives. It may even ignite world peace.


Every Polish Addict Anywhere Ever

No hoping you get to the polish on time, no hoping you make it to the check out in time, no cart jacking, slow site, pages not loading, etc etc etc. You show up...and then wait for it to let you in. You can either sit at the computer or give your mobile number and they'll send you a text when you can go shop. It's that simple.

I was also still on the lookout for some good french manicure guides. The last ones I used were awful. I wanted ones with a sharper curve to them this time and found a seller via ebay who looked promising. I just received them, so here I went.

Cygnus Loop (H) is the same formula as the Ultra Chrome, just with holographic added. Multichrome with holographic? I would have its babies.

This is an outstanding polish. It's one of those that looks so freakin' sweet in the bottle that you cringe thinking it's not going to translate to the nail. But it does! Look at that color shift, especially in the last pic. And the holo is to die.

It's thin going on but this is only two coats applied. With that said, I think if I did a whole nail in this, I'd end up using three. To be safe, mostly. It dried fast, too, so no holo drags this time lol.


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