Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Half Moon Mani with China Glaze Crimson and OMG

I started this one off as yet another failed water marble. Someday I'll get that right. The polishes I chose weren't really working. Sometimes they'd spread on the water's surface, sometimes they wouldn't. Super annoying, I rage quit.

Crimson was one of the colors I chose for it and since I was then in a black mood and it was the closest to black on hand, I went with it. It was a superb application, very creamy and fluid, opaque in one coat if you're careful with it.

I had it to a high glossy shine, too, it was gorgeous. I wore that for a day and was already bored so I thought I'd try some simple striping tape lines or something. My hand grabbed the french mani strips first so I figured I'd do the half moon. Only these stickers are horrible. I got Orly's on sale from Sally a few months ago and I'll never buy them again. I liked them 'cause they're a bit on the wider side but wow the issues. They have a tendency not to stay stuck down. The edge facing the polish you're applying warps and wrinkles so the polish gets under. So much for that clean line. And to make matters worse when you remove 'em, big gobs of sticky glue stayed on the nail, ruining that beautiful glossy finish I had going on. So they look worse than they actually should.

Here I thought my biggest issue was going to be covering the Crimson at the cuticle since I did this backwards. It's not horrible but it's certainly not as pretty as it was.

And speaking of that Crimson....why is it called crimson? It's not anything like crimson! It's not even red!

The brightest note to this is the OMG. It really is a terrific holo, China Glaze so got that one right.


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