Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OPI I Think in Pink (and stickers)

For some strange reason I was feeling very girly and pink this weekend. No idea why, I don't usually do such things lol.  Darker colors are where my heart lies. I had just put away a bunch of colors and saw OPI's I Think in Pink during the process and it got stuck in my head so I decided to give it a try.

Application on was...meh. It's very thin and since it's such a light pink and I have something against visible nail line, it took four coats. Seriously, that's like two or three coats beyond my patience limits.

On the bright side they dried pretty quickly until I got into the third and fourth coats. I was about to top coat when I looked at them and realized how ridiculously girly cute they were and that I would hate them and be bored to tears by them in three days so it would be a test of my willpower to not remove it. Which would be when I busted out the stickers.

I bought some Kiss Nail Art Stickers ages ago when my local Kmart store was closing. I think I wiped out a lot of their nail supplies, the prices were just too good to pass up. This particular set is labeled as 55772 NS26, which according to their site I think is called Abstract. It's got some swirly black things and then some swirly gold things. I zoned in on the swirly multicolor flowers/butterflies/vines/rhinestones ones.

And that's what I ended up with. I think I know why I chose them, too. There's a certain polish I'm still waiting to get that I just can't seem to make work once it gets to me. If I had some gold micro glitter polish, this would be darn close.

A note on applying these if you never have before. I did use tweezers to remove them from the backing and place them on my nails. And once any part of it touched my nail that's where it stayed. There was no do-over, if I tried to lift it back off the nail it took the polish with it. That might not happen so much (and you may not need tweezers) if you wait til the polish dries completely. I used two layers of top coat and then a thick layer of SV to finish everything off but in some places I can still feel the rhinestones on the stickers.


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