Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ninja Polish Dragon Collection

The Dragon collection was released just a few days ago and I managed to get an order in for all five via the facebook release announcement. I usually have bad luck for such things but for once I got to win. Trying to decide which of these to wear this week was very difficult. They're all so sparkly and pretty! I kept changing my mind. And then I realized...there's five of them.

I didn't have to choose!

That's exactly right, yes. I wore all five. A bit of pic spam and then talk.

CFL lighting

With flash


Blurry for sparkles
From thumb to pinky:

  1. Chameleon is a purple to red shift glitter, but I have seen other colors in it. Some red, green, even yellow. I have this problem when I'm in the shower with this one because when tiny little drops of water are on the nail it's a freakin' kaleidoscope of color and I get entranced lol.
  2. Hydra shifts from green to purple. I've seen some red and gold as well. This one seems to be the most eager about showing you the shifting it can do, in any light, anywhere.
  3. Enter the Dragon wins first because of the name, second because it's pretty darn close to Mardi Gras colors. It's got a few too many to be spot on but it's close enough to make me wistful. I've seen this one shift mostly in the gold direction but as you can see from the blurry pic above you're likely to get anything out of it.
  4. Komodo goes from reddish purple to...I wanna say gold but it's really yellow instead. Orangey, too. And maybe brown. It's really odd, in a good way!
  5. Finally it's Basilisk, a very blingy gold that slides right over to a light green. This one reminds of all those Chanel Peridots out there but in glitter and much much brighter on the nail.
Application on all was a snap. These are all over a black base (Essie Licorice) and I'm wondering what they'd be like on their own at this point. I bet they'd be opaque in three coats. Speaking of coats, each hand is different. The left hand has two coats of each polish, the right one has just a single coat. They all dried quickly as well as semi-matte and mildly gritty. The only exception was Basilisk which did not matte on drying but was more texturey than the other four. Lavish them with glitter food, seal with SV, good to go.

So far, loving them. Definitely recommended.


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