Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting Something Off My Chest

Hello! Those of you who follow Dreamy Lacquer Co on Facebook already know why I haven't been posting here much.* But here goes:

  • I spent about a week out of town recently with my hubby to celebrate our first anniversary. What? A year? Already??
  • I've been building and testing DLC polishes, which I can't show you yet because it's not their time to be rolled out.
  • I'm building the store pages for the next group of Dark Tower polishes, those based on The Waste Lands (probably my most favorite book of the series, and I'm so excited about them). 
  • I applied to sell on Zaarly, a site that supports artisans in getting their hand crafted product or service out to their local area. 
  • Finally, in an attempt to widen our audience and gain more exposure for DLC, I created a nearly duplicate store over at Storenvy.

Which brings me to my reason for writing this post. I was exploring Storenvy. It's a pretty neat site. It still feels fairly new, not so overrun that you're lost in the crowd, not so barren that no one will ever know it exists. I like it.

However, when exploring some of the Indie polish makers who've set up shop, I came across one (whose name I will not mention) who had some truly lovely polishes. There are a few I would really like to have. But like Taylor S. and her ex-boyfriend, I will NEVER EVER EVER get together with these polishes.

Picture this. You're wearing a gorgeous nail polish. Everyone notices it. You get a thousand compliments, and every single person says to you, "What is that polish you're wearing?" But the name of the polish is too outlandish to say out loud. Something that might make you blush, or is just downright rude. Maybe it's the name of an STD. Or a sexual reference or position.

Maybe I'm getting old--I am 42 now--but I don't want to walk around wearing a sweet soft pink glitter nail polish with a name I'd be embarrassed to say in front of my coworkers. Or my nieces. Or my mother.

Names matter. They mean something. And I, for one, refuse to give my hard earned cash to an Indie maker that has so little respect for their customers or their craft.

Please tell me it's not just me. I could never bring myself to name a nail polish after things that should only happen behind closed doors. I don't care what you're doing or who you're doing it with (or if it's just happening in your imagination)--I don't need to know about it. So when I see polishes that have been named something that I find offensive or inappropriate, I don't even think twice about not placing an order. There are far too many Indie polish makers out there for me to mourn over a pretty polish with a horrible name.

And I mean that, from my fingernail tips to my toes.

*If you're not following us on Facebook, why the heck not? We promise not to overrun your feed!

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  1. Really? Do they need that much attention that they have to be rude or nasty? I have never understood these people that have to be offensive or outright rude and disgusting to get the attention they desire. Is it a matter of how they were raised? Or the lack of self respect that so many seem to have for themselves and others. I just don't get it. And I agree, if I can't bring my self to say the name out loud, I certainly won't spend my hard earned money on it. Keep up your good work!