Saturday, August 24, 2013

Update: China Glaze Half Moon Mani

Pretty good for the most part. I had one big chip about three days in and then I got a polish there was no way I wasn't trying out right then so it kind of...evolved over the course of the week, didn't it? For goodness sakes, it started as a water marble lol.

There's the one chip that happened and until I started messing with it again that was really all that happened.

I finally found a bottle of Nfu-Oh's 51 for a reasonable price (IMO) and since I already had a dark color on I figured I'd give it a try. It's really very lovely and the color shift in it beats almost every other one I've tried so far. Also IMO.

Mostly that red but it goes to a yellow and really neat green and I'm pretty sure I saw some blue in there, too.

Unfortunately it was at this point that the whole thing started falling apart. It only had to last one day though, so it didn't much matter.

It's a full-on Monet. It doesn't look so bad in the pic but you can see chips getting ready to happen, whole areas where the polish is lifting at the tips (check out the right ring finger) and those cuticles are getting stupid ugly. I usually take my polish off early Saturday but I had a few errands to run and by the time I got home all of those potential chips were no longer potential. I don't hold it against the China Glaze though. Or the Nfu-Oh. It usually happens when I dump something else on mid- or late in the week.


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