Monday, August 5, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Holographics: Blue Blaze, Mystic Green, and Lavender Lustre

An Open Letter to Maybelline New York:

To whom it may concern:

I realize that you are a major, huge cosmetics company. You've been in business for almost 100 years (congratulations on your centennial next year, by the way), and I'm just some customer in the good ole Midwest, but even so, I believe I may know a few things that at least one person in your company could stand to learn. Let's start with some definitions!

  • Shimmer: (SHIM-er) Nail polish colors that contain a fine particle pigment that reflects a shimmery highlight.

And here we have Color Show Holographic in Blue Blaze. It's not a bright blue, like I would usually choose. It's got a definite gray lean.
Without flash
With flash
It's quite a lovely blue/gray SHIMMER, isn't it? :)

  • Metallic: (muh-TAL-ik) Nail polish that has the luster of being made of metal. Generally extremely shiny and light reflective.

  • Duochrome: (DOO-oh-krohm) Nail polish whose pigment changes color depending on the viewing angle. Many duochromes "flip" between two colors (for example, gold to green) and some flip through three or more colors (aka multichromes). 

And here we have Color Show Holographic in Mystic Green. It's a really pretty green/gold in the bottle. It almost looks like it should be a duochrome!

Without flash
With flash
I think with a third coat, this guy would definitely be a gorgeous METALLIC DUOCHROME. Because it does flip to gold from certain angles!

  • Frost: (frawst) is a shimmer on steroids. Pearlescent, very difficult to apply without visible brush marks.

And finally, Color Show Holographics Lavender Lustre. It's a lavender/gray, sweetly colored polish. Again, not my usual style, but I don't think I have anything else quite like this color!

Without flash
With flash
This FROSTy lavender was nearly impossible to get on without showing all KINDS of brush strokes.

  • Holographic: (hol-uh-GRAF-ic) Nail polish colors that are loaded with a special micro-fine shimmer that reveals either a scattered or linear rainbow effect when light hits it.

The only thing HOLOGRAPHIC about these Color Show Holographics that I could find--the stripe on the label.

Good folks at Maybelline, I am sincerely dying of curiosity...have you recently had an employee leave your Color Show Development Team? I'm pretty sure that if the answer to that question is "yes"...y'all got BIG TIME punked. Wow.

If you're looking for a new member to join the Development Team, give me a call. I'm sure we could work something out.

Lots of love,


  1. I usually don't go for frosty polishes, but these are great! I also wholeheartedly agree with your critique of their use of the word/term ''Holographic'' ...Def overall more metallic or frost with a definite duochrome-ishness in the Alluring Rose and Mystic Green shades. Great post, thanks so much!