Sunday, January 5, 2014

Update: Auld Lang Syne Sheet Music

You're gonna look at these pictures and think how terrible this polish was. Don't think that. I was not shy about saying how hard it was to work with the base on this but for all that it did last fairly well. I only had a small chip on my second to last day. Then on the very last day one whole polish shell fell off. What is it with me and bad New Years Eve manicures? And looking back at that post, the same darn thing happened to the exact same two nails! Chip on the left pointer, entire right middle finger's polish fell off whole.

What are the chances?

Not that you're going to see either of those things. Because they happened while I was already at work so no fixing. And then I starting doing just the worst thing ever.

I absolutely picked all that off. That's so terrible to do, I know, but I just couldn't stop. So it really wasn't as bad as all this but I didn't like it and I was glad it was done. I still wouldn't recommend Cream Tea (which is the white base that was terrible to use if you didn't read the previous post).


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